“Dark Lady” by Cher

On this Cher classic, the narrator visits a fortune teller (Dark Lady) who advises her to end her affair with her lover because she sees that he is unfaithful to her. Hurt and confused, the narrator returns home but is unable to sleep because of what the fortune teller said.

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Interestingly, she remembers that the fortune teller’s perfume is the same scent she smelled once around her lover. Out of curiosity, the narrator goes back to the fortune teller’s place only to catch her partner in bed with her. In a fit of rage, the narrator pulls out a gun and murders both the fortune teller and her cheating lover.

Writer of the song, Johnny Durrill said it was an interesting song he wrote while on tour in Japan. Johnny added that when he forwarded the lyrics to producer Snuff Garrett, who insisted that the song should end with the lover and dark lady being killed.

Facts about “Dark Lady”

Many analysts consider this track as a classic murder ballad.

Johnny Durrill (who is best known for his membership of the band The Ventures) exclusively composed this song. Its production was also exclusively handled by the late music producer Snuff Garrett.

In February of 1974, Cher’s management (MCA) released it as the first single from Cher’s 11th studio album. FYI, both album and song share the same title.

Upon its release, “Dark Lady” wasted no time in becoming a number 1 hit in America. And in doing so, it became the third number 1 hit song Cher’s solo career enjoyed. After this, Cher didn’t see the number 1 spot in America again for a long time. It actually took her roughly 25 more years to enjoy that spot! And that happened with the release of her hit single “Believe“.

The song also met with major success in Norway, Canada, South Africa and Denmark where it enjoyed top 10 status.

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  1. Cassidy says:

    The narrator didn’t go to the fortune teller’s house by just for curious. She smelled “dark ladys” perfume in her bed, took the loaded gun with her and went to fortune tellers house to kill her, and of course that boyfriend too because he happened to be there. Also The fortune teller and boyfriend weren’t in bed at the time of the killing. They were probably just getting ready to go in the bed and stood there kissing and laughing. After the narrator had finished with them, “they were dead on the floor”

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