“Half-Breed” by Cher

Cher plainly discusses the issue of racial discrimination and its effects in the song “Half-breed”. As the title depicts, the narrator is a woman who is of half Cherokee and half Caucasian descent. Though her identity was not determined by her and she was merely a product of two lovers from different backgrounds, she had to live with chastisement throughout her life.

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People from both her father and mother side were unwilling to accept her because she was a half breed, thus her life took a different turn as she had to move from place to place.

“Both sides were against me since the day I was born”

Her search for a place where she belongs turned sour as it led to promiscuity as well. Despite her attempts to run away whenever she feels unwanted, the truth is that she can never run away from who she is. Unfortunately, discrimination against half-breeds is prevalent across the globe and has devastating effects on the victims.

Did Cher write “Half-Breed”?

No. It was written by the late American songwriter and record producer Al Capps along with Mary Dean. It should be noted that throughout her remarkable career, Cher rarely wrote the songs that she recorded.

Release Date of “Half-Breed”

In July 1973, Cher and her team (MCA) released this as the only single from her 1973 studio album. This album, which was Cher’s 10th, shares the same title with this song.

Chart Success

This song brought Cher remarkable success. It gave Cher her second number 1 hit in the United States as a solo artist. In addition to this, it was also a number 1 hit in New Zealand and Canada. As if that wasn’t enough, it also reached top 10 status in Australia and Israel.

This number 1 hit sold over a million copies across America. Today, it is widely regarded as one of the most relevant songs in Cher’s entire musical catalog. As such, it has been widely covered by many artists and musical acts the world over.

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