“If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

“If Could Turn Back Time” centers on the feelings of remorse experienced by the narrator. It is obvious that she said and did hurtful things to the person she actually cared for and only realizes the level of pain caused after it has already taken place.

Cher confesses to her partner that she did not mean to hurt him the way she did and was merely controlled by the pride inside. She admits that her actions caused her significant other to leave and she now regrets every part of it. The song expresses how much she wants to reverse time, right all her wrongs and treat him better. It also portrays that the singer’s ultimate desire is to win back the love she has lost and is willing to do whatever it takes.


This track mainly covers the regret a person feels after they realize how much their past actions hurt the people they care about. Here, the state of regret urges the singer to want to reverse time so she can make things right.

Facts about “If I Could Turn Back Time”

Cher recorded this song in 1989 and officially released it on the First of July of that same year. It features as single number 2 from her bestselling studio album entitled “Heart of Stone”.

Cher wasn’t the composer of this song. It was actually written by renowned songwriter and musician Diane Warren. FYI, in addition to exclusively penning “If I Could Turn Back Time”, Warren also co-produced it with a record producer named Guy Roche.

Cher reportedly had no interest in recording this song when Warren recorded it on a demo and sent it to her. However, after some persuasion from Warren, Cher eventually changed her mind and recorded it.

Changing her mind and finally recording the track proved to be a good decision from Cher’s end. And this is because “If I Could Turn Back Time” was a huge success in America and numerous other countries. For example, in Norway, this song made it to the topmost point on their official singles chart. It achieved the same feat in Australia. As for the United States and the United Kingdom, it soared to positions three and six, respectively. It is therefore considered one of Cher’s most successful tracks.

A number of films have featured this song. One example is the 2018 superhero film titled “Deadpool 2”.

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