“Strong Enough” by Cher

In “Strong Enough“, Cher seems to have been stuck in an unsteady relationship, but finally finds the courage to let go of her partner. She admits that she was needy and afraid to let go, but is now resolute on moving on.

Cher begins by pointing out her partner’s flaws, and then emphasizing in the chorus that she’s now strong enough to live without him. She reassures him that there’s nothing he can do to convince her to stay because she has finally realized that he is no good for her. The singer recalls that her partner cheated on her with other women. This causes her to feel even more inclined to leave because she now values herself. She believes she no longer needs him, and promises that he will never see her cry. In other words, he will never have the opportunity to hurt her.


This song boldly captures the singer’s determination to put an end to a sour relationship. It depicts a person’s desire to liberate themselves from a toxic affair.


Album “Strong Enough” can be found on Cher’s 1998 “Believe” album. On the Nineteenth of February, 1999, it was released as the second single from the album, following the album’s title track.

Did Cher write “Strong Enough”?

No. Just like the majority of her material, Cher didn’t write this one too. Two British writers (Paul Barry alongside Mark Taylor) exclusively handled the song’s composition duties. Taylor also took care of its production.

Significant Hit

This disco themed song was a major hit for Cher. It enjoyed so much success Europe, where it peaked at positions 1, 3, 4 and 5 in Hungary, Germany, Austria and Britain, respectively. It was actually a top 10 hit in many European countries. As of the U.S.A., it didn’t enjoy as much success as it did in Europe. On the Hot 100, it managed to peak at the modest position of 57. However, it ended up topping Billboard’s Dance Club Songs.

All in all, “Strong Enough” is considered one of the most significant hits of Cher’s career.

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