“Welcome to Burlesque” by Cher

“Welcome to Burlesque” happens to be one of the songs performed by Cher and Christina Aguilera off the “Burlesque” album for the movie with the same name. It describes what essentially goes on during Burlesque shows with vivid references.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Cher's Welcome to Burlesque at Lyrics.org.

Cher mentions showing a little more and a little less as a metaphor to signify the partial nudity and suggestive dances that happen at the club. She also talks about people giving out money, as this is the purpose of the entertainment; to empty the pockets of its consumers. The singer paints a picture of the adventure and thrill of a fantasy world to both her audience and a town singer (Christina Aguilera) who moves to the city to become a star.

“Welcome to Burlesque” basically describes a place in the 2010 Steven Antin directed movie “Burlesque”. This place is a dazzling nightclub filled with dancers, and musicians performing numbers to their guests.

Writing credits for “Welcome to Burlesque”

A team of 4 writers worked together to compose “Welcome to Burlesque”. Said team consists of the following:

  • J.P. Shanley
  • S. Lindsey
  • M. Gerrard
  • C. Midnight

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