“Woman’s World” by Cher

On “Woman’s World”, Cher appears to be heart broken by a partner who has ditched her, but speedily recovers from that experience and finds strength to move on. Not only is she ready to take the world despite her pain, she is strong enough to rally women together to run the show.

The singer begins by setting the scene in a club where she’s alone, trying to let go of the thought about her ex. She puts in the effort through her music to forget all the hurt he’s caused, and although the thoughts still haunt her, she is confident that it won’t affect her for long. She uses a battle as a metaphor to describe her struggle while asserting that despite the pain she’s been through, it has not killed her but rather made her tougher.

Cher speaking to Billboard magazine, has said that the song is a tribute to all the “strong women” in the world, and it virtually ‘sings itself’.

“This is a woman’s world”


This song captures the emotional turmoil of a broken relationship. And in doing so, it shows how it has caused the singer to stand up for herself and other women in the same position.

Did Cher write “Woman’s World”?

No. A team of writers worked on the writing of “Woman’s World”. And the team is inclusive of the following:

  • Matt Morris
  • Joshua Walker
  • Anthony Crawford
  • Paul Oakenfold (also played the role of the song’s official producer)

Release and Album

In June 2013, W.B. Records released this dance-pop/EDM track as a single from Cher’s “Closer to the Truth” album. The album in question was actually the twenty-fifth studio project of Cher’s highly successful musical career.

Did “Woman’s World” chart?

Yes. This women empowerment themed single managed to make it into the top 100 of many a singles charts, including Billboard’s “Hot Dance Club Songs” chart (where it flew to number 1). It was also a top 10 hit for Cher in Venezuela.

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