“After All” by Cher (ft. Peter Cetera)

On “After All”, which was purposely written for the 1989 film “Chances Are“, Cher and her implied significant other have had a topsy-turvy relationship but somehow seem to always find their way back to each other. The song seeks to highlight the fact that the singer believes they are meant to be a couple because despite all the ups and downs, they always get back together and rekindle their love.

She describes what they share as ‘true love’, elaborating that it continues to grow through the changes and never dies. The singer is convinced that they are meant to be together forever as they always ends up in each other’s arms.

Information about “After All”

Songwriting: Tom Snow alongside Dean Pitchford
Production: Peter and Gordon’s Peter Asher
Year of Release: February of 1989 (through Geffen Records)
Album: Cher’s 1989 “Heart of Stone” album (which sold over 4 million copies globally)

Did Cher release this as a single?

Yes. Her album “Heart of Stone” spawned 5 singles. This was the first of the five singles Cher and her management released. It was followed a few months later by “If I Could Turn Back Time“.

Did “After All” enter the Hot 100?

Yes. And it put a brilliant performance there, eventually getting to a peak position of six.

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