“Dead End Road” by Alicia Keys

“Dead End Road” is a song about depression, which in actuality is one of the most common topics in the music industry. Usually when we come across such songs, there is some type of a remedy or potential light at the end of the tunnel brought into the mix. 

And in this case yes, the bulk of the lyrics are in fact speaking to a “dead end road”, i.e. a sense of hopelessness, fueled by loneliness, with no foreseeable cessation in sight. This is despite the vocalist feeling that she and likeminded individuals are doing the right thing in life. So it’s as if she’s under the impression that the universe itself is cra*ping on her. Furthermore, she is also wise enough to know that she’s not the only person feeling this way.

But Alicia does seem to introduce her own philosophical remedy into the mix before closing out. And although what she’s saying isn’t abundantly clear, it reads as if she is instructing lonely, depressed folk to conscientiously set about practicing interpersonal love. 

Or as presented Keys feels that making such an effort can bring about desired results, i.e. espousing a sort of give-love-to-get-love type of philosophy.

Lyrics to "Dead End Road"

Release Date of “Dead End Road”

Award winning singer, Alicia Keys released “Dead End Road” as part of the album, “Keys” on 10th of December 2021.

Keys played an instrumental role in the production duties of “KEYS”. It was released through the music label, RCA Records based in New York.

Two official singles namely, “Lala (Unlocked)” which featured rapper Swae Lee, and “Best of Me” were released prior to the official release of the album.


Keys collaborated with songwriters Fred Ball and Dean McIntosh in composing the song.

Fred, who is also a music producer himself, teamed up with Keys in producing the song.

Dead End Road

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