“I Don’t Miss You at All” by Finneas

“I Don’t Miss You at All” is a song in which Finneas pushes the idea that he does not miss his ex by instead delineating various things that he does actually miss about her. The overt sentiment is that the lady who was once the center of his life is now outside of the realm of his concern. That is to say that he is no longer in love with her. However, he unintentionally lets it be known that the opposite is actually true. 

For instance, he admits that he dreams about her “once or twice a night” but does it in such a way as if he is touting it as an accomplishment,. He is therefore insinuating that in the past he dreamed of her even more than that. So he is very-unconvincingly trying to maintain the stance of letting her know that he is doing just fine without her.

And the song ultimately concludes with Finneas stating that despite the inner turmoil he is going through, he will not try to reestablish the relationship.  Rather he is confident that at some unspecified point in the future he will truly be able to get over his ex.

Lyrics of "I Don't Miss You at All"

Quick Facts about “I Don’t Miss You at All”

“I Don’t Miss You At All” was released on 20 September 2019. It is a part of Finneas’s debut EP, which is entitled “Blood Harmony”.

In addition to singing “I Don’t Miss You At All”, Finneas also produced the track and wrote the lyrics.

And in regards of its original composition, Finneas says he wrote this song during the summer of 2019 using a “toy guitar”.

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