“Sanctuary” by Joji

This is a love song in which Joji is identifying his significant other as his “sanctuary”. This is due to her fulfilling his desire to “(fall) in love”.  And they share a mutual relationship goal, which is “sincerity”.

So basically, this track is an expression of his yearning for the two of them to be together.  And he is especially fond of their nighttime interludes. Indeed Joji specifically tells his boo that when she needs some loving in the evening, he is just “one call away”. Moreover he has already concluded that this particular individual is “the one”. Or as the title implies, he enjoys her company so much that she has become his “sanctuary”.

Lyrics of "Sanctuary"

 “Sanctuary” release date

It was released on 14 June 2019 by 88rising. FYI, this is the first single Joji dropped in 2019.

Song’s writing and production

Joji was assisted in writing the song by Luke Niccoli, Daniel Wilson and the track’s producer, Justin Raisen.

Chart Performance

While “Sanctuary” wasn’t particularly a hit in United States of America and United Kingdom, it was a significant hit in Malaysia. Here, it hit a peak position of #7 on the nation’s official singles chart listing.

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