“Before the Day Is Over” by Joji

It’s never overtly specified that the addressee of “Before the Day Is Over” is the lover of the vocalist. But Joji has developed a reputation for regularly dropping songs revolving around the sentiment of romantic heartbreak. 

And since these lyrics do center on a tumultuous relationship which reads as if it may be romantic, we will presume that such is once again the case with “Before the Day Is Over”.

That said, this track really doesn’t bring anything new to the heartbreak game per se. But also judging by songs like “Die for You“, which precedes this one on the playlist of “Smithereens”, let’s just say that Joji doesn’t particularly come off as the type of ex who will actually beg a lady to stay by his side.  

For instance, in this case, it’s clear that he’s in his feelings due to being under the impression that the dissolution of his relationship with the addressee is imminent. But as expressed, it ain’t really like he’s trying to keep her. Instead, what the title points to is his desire to savor the last few moments they have together.

Or viewed from a different angle, they both recognize that the end is near, but that doesn’t mean, from Joji’s perspective, that they have to rush the process. But maybe him pleading for another day is his way of keeping things going, hoping against hope that they can rectify the situation. 

Or another way of looking at it, all lyrics considered, is that at this point, he is doing his best to stave off the inevitable for as long as possible.

Joji, "Before the Day Is Over" Lyrics


Joji, as you probably already know, is part Japanese, though Australian on his father’s side, and he has spent a notable amount of time in the United States, specifically in Brooklyn. During his teens he made a name for himself on YouTube, where he created comedy-based music. 

During the late 2010s, he proceeded to catch the ear of 88rising, the label that has been responsible for all of his studio albums to date, including Joji’s first LP, “Ballads 1” (2018), which went platinum in the United States and his sophomore full-length, “Nectar” (2020), which topped the ARIA Albums Chart in Australia.

Release of “Before the Day Is Over”

Joji’s third studio album goes by the title of “Smithereens”. This project was launched via 88rising in association with Warner Records on November 4th, 2022. 

As part of that nine-track effort, “Before the Day Is Over” serves as the fourth song on the playlist. 


Joji, as expected, had a hand in writing this song, accomplishing that task alongside Sam Dew and Justin Parker. And Parker, a musician from the UK, also produced the track.

Before the Day Is Over

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