“Glimpse of Us” by Joji

Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” is a unique song, not in terms of its thesis sentiment but rather how the vocalist builds its narrative up towards that conclusion.

As far as the thesis sentiment goes, what it centers on, most simply put, is the singer missing his ex, and of course we have come across innumerable songs based on this same topic in the past. But what makes this case unusual is the singer acknowledging that after moving on from his former girlfriend, who is the addressee, he has hooked up with another lady who is in fact “perfect”. That is to say that Joji’s current girlfriend has indeed edified his life, such as easing his burdens and mitigating his depression. 

But that said, he’s just not feeling her like that. Or as the vocalist puts it, when he “look(s) in her eyes” what he rather sees is a “glimpse of” his past relationship with the addressee, which again is basically a fancy way of saying that he misses her.

The second verse meanwhile has the vocalist pondering, or more accurately we can say hoping, that his ex, who herself has also moved on to another partner, is thinking about Joji just as he is still stuck on her. So it is obvious that besides just generally missing the addressee, the vocalist also wants her likewise want him back.

Lyrics to Joji's "Glimpse of Us"

Facts about “Glimpse of Us”

With 88rising and Warner Records introducing this track to the world on 10 June 2022, “Glimpse of Us” marks Joji’s first single as the headline artist since those associated with his last studio album, 2020’s “Nectar”.  To note, said project did extremely well from a critical perspective, topping Australia’s ARIA Albums Chart and also scoring within the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart and Billboard 200.

Joji wrote this song with Joel Castillo, Idarose, Riley McDonough and his brother, Connor McDonough, with Connor also serving as the producer of the track.

Joji is on record as having teased this track a couple of days before its release.

Glimpse of Us

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