“Eleven” by Khalid

The lyrics of “Eleven” are purely based on Khalid chillin’ late at night with a romantic interest. Thus the title actually alludes to the time in the evening in which they are out on this excursion. And it features some of the same subthemes as other songs the American Teen has dropped in the past. For instance, he is just relishing this lady’s company and admiring her looks, not actually trying to get intimate or anything like that. 

Also there is the strong presence of weed, which by this time should be concluded is one of Khalid’s favorite pastimes. But he is more focused on the chemistry between he and this lady, even questioning is he actually her favorite drug. So the way the whole scenario plays out is as if he feels that his relationship with her can lead to something very special. But until then he is trying to fully feel her out and also ascertain how exactly she feels about him.

Lyrics of "Eleven"

Facts about “Eleven”

British singing superstar Craig David provides backup vocals on this song.

Khalid first teased “Eleven” on social media on the 7th of January, 2020. RCA Records and Right Hand Music released the song two days later (9 January 2020). It appears on Khalid’s third studio album. And as of the time of the song’s release, the album in question is untitled.

This track was produced by Digi and Simon Says. Says also co-wrote the song along with Khalid and two other songwriters. Here is the full list of songwriters:

  • Khalid
  • Digi
  • Simon Says
  • Khirye Tyler
  • Denis Kosiak
  • Khalid

Khalid’s personal take on “Eleven” is that it reminds him of similar music dropped in the 1990s by the likes of Timbaland, Aaliyah (1979-2001) and Missy Elliott.

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