“New Normal” by Khalid

The phrase “new normal” is likely one you’ve heard before. It is believed that the phrase originated as a term to describe post-WWI America. Ever since then, it has been used most notably to encapsulate societal changes which occur in the aftermath of widespread catastrophe. 

But some individuals (including Khalid himself) tend to use it to refer to a major change in life in general, whether it be good or bad, societal or personal. In fact in this case, even though one may presume that the vocalist is speaking to the coronavirus pandemic, either way he is still doing so in an individualized manner, i.e. directly in reference to himself and more specifically the addressee.

Lyrics of “New Normal”

And with the above in mind, the ambiguity of the first verse can even cause a bit of confusion. For instance, it sorta reads like the “new normal” the singer is referring to is he and the addressee unexpectedly enjoying a meaningful, perhaps even romantic relationship together.

But such an understanding would not be in emotional congruence with the rest of the song. For it becomes more obvious elsewhere that the kind of “new normal” he’s actually talking about is one in which the addressee in particular is going through some type of “tough” time. 

And in that regard, this is actually an inspirational piece. For what Khalid is ‘promising’ him or her in response is that they’ll make it through and will be “fine” in the aftermath. Or as he poetically puts it, what this person is enduring will last “just a season”.

And the reason we postulated that it may be related to the whole COVID scenario is because, whereas it is never actually specified what this person is going through, “losing touch” is listed as one of the adverse effects of it. 

And as we all know, places like the United States which were hit really hard by the virus did have quarantine measures put into place whereas. In some worst cases, loved ones could not be with each other for extended amounts of time, even during holidays or ‘seasons’, if you want to view it as such. But either way, the conclusion is that this is meant to serve as a general piece of encouragement.

Lyrics to "New Normal"
What Khalid said about "New Normal"

Facts about “New Normal”

There are two labels behind this track, RCA Records and the Right Hand Music Group. And they issued it on 21 July 2021.

However, many people were introduced to the song prior. And that’s because Khalid actually premiered it on 11 July 2021, during the launch of the Virgin Galactic Unity 22, i.e. the commercial spaceflight in which Richard Branson and others ventured up into the atmosphere, though not technically into space itself. 

The singer went on to recognize the significance of that event, i.e. the advent of commercial space travel, as itself being a “new normal”. And to note, the music video also implies that this song was inspired by technological advancements.

This track may be the lead single from Khalid’s forthcoming third full-length, “Everything Is Everything”. Or at least he used the occasion of the release of this song’s music video to announce the album.

The co-writers of “New Normal”, in conjunction with Khalid, are the track’s two producers, John Hill and Active Child.

New Normal

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