“Present” by Khalid

According to Khalid, “Present” “has a dual meaning”, utilizing the titular term in both a spatial and gift-related sense. And as he further explained, the former notion would be in relation to having successfully survived the COVID-19 pandemic. And the latter is in terms of this track being a gift to his fans.

But that explanation does not actually translate into the lyrics of “Present”. Rather, as perhaps to be expected from Khalid, we are treated to a love song. Indeed this piece reads a lot like some of his earlier tunes, where we find the singer expressing a desire to chill out on the open road with the apple of his eye. Or more specifically, as the title suggests, he wants to be “present” with her this very evening.

So basically, what we’re dealing with here is the vocalist advertising himself to the addressee, in terms of what being with him tonight would look like – i.e. him pulling up in a phat whip, the two of them chillin’ and later being enthralled in each other’s lovin’. 

Indeed we can conclude that his attraction to her is primarily physical, considering that he doesn’t care if she ends up ‘ruining him’ in the end. So most simply put, as it currently stands the vocalist is in “need” of the addressee’s “company”. So it’s like now, Khalid has put the onus on her to decide whether she wants him to come around “tonight” or not.

Lyrics to Khalid's "Present"

Facts about “Present”

This track, which RCA Records issued on 22 October 2021, is a single from Khalid’s second studio project, which is entitled “Scenic Drive”. Thus far besides his debut EP, “Suncity” (2018), the crooner has also released a couple of studio albums, “American Teen” (2017) and “Free Spirit” (2019), all of which have been notable successes. 

And by the looks of things, this is the first project Khalid has ever come out with where he’s rockin’ a low haircut instead of a high-top fade.

Khalid was involved in the writing of this song, penning it alongside Malta Rice and Yung Lan. And artists who acted as both writers and producers of “Present” are:

  • Charlie Handsome
  • Hoskins
  • James Maddocks
  • LNKmusic

Khalid’s first teasing of this track took place in late-September of 2021.


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