“Escape from LA” by The Weeknd

“Escape from LA” is The Weeknd’s version of a love song within the context of an ‘evil world’. Or more to the point, he is in fact committed to his significant other, and we can even say in love with her. However, they both deal with a considerable amount of temptation, as in being hit on by the opposite sex.  And as The Weeknd relays it, even though his heart is in the right place sometimes he does lose the battle and gives in to such. Moreover before the track concludes he also forthrightly implies that his lady is likewise seeing another dude.

So basically, within the context of this song L.A. is symbolic of the aforementioned evil world. Or stated differently, due to what is detailed above, it is obvious that the relationship featured herein is a troubled one.  However, the singer does not necessarily attribute this unfavorable reality to himself nor his lover. Rather it is the environment they are in, one in which even though they are in a committed relationship, outsiders still have no qualms about potentially destroying their romance. So again, this track can accurately be described as a love song. But it also serves as somewhat of an indirect critique of the state of the world at large.

Lyrics of "Escape from LA"

Writing Credits for “Escape from LA”

In all, five songwriters receive credit for the penning of this song. They are:

  • The Weeknd
  • Noah Sammak
  • Metro Boomin
  • Mike McTaggart
  • Illangelo

Co-writers Boomin and Illangelo worked with The Weeknd to produce “Escape from LA”.

When was “Escape from LA” released?

20th March, 2020 was the song’s official release date. It cam out together with its album “After Hours”.

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