“Nothing Compares” by The Weeknd

On “Nothing Compares”, The Weeknd and his romantic partner have clearly gone their separate ways. And their separation is causing him so much. As a matter of fact the pain is so much that he feels “asphyxiated” on top of being completely empty.

And as the song progresses, we realize that he tries to fill the void by engaging in unhealthy practices. Some of these toxic practices include getting intoxicated and engaging in casual affairs with other women. However, none of them solves his problem. He’s still empty inside and misses his ex so badly. This is why in the chorus he says that nothing can ever compare to the emptiness he and his lover both share. This line also insinuates that his lover is also missing him as much as he misses her.

Lyrics of "Nothing Compares"

Who is responsible for the relationship’s demise?

From The Weeknd’s own narration, it is abundantly clear that he is the one responsible for the breakup. While the exact things he did to mess up the relationship isn’t clearly stated, it is so clear that he wasn’t faithful.

And in the song’s bridge, he makes that clearer with a number of lines. For example, he talks about walking away even when things are great. This apparently means he has the habit of not wanting to fully commit to any relationship. And even though he found a wonderful partner in the addressee, he still couldn’t change from his negative ways to make it work with her.

Lyrics of "Nothing Compares"

Facts about “Nothing Compares”

The Weeknd composed this song with songwriters Ricky Reed, DaHeala and Belly. He also co-produced “Nothing Compares” with the song’s co-writers DaHeala and Reed.

March 30th, 2020 was the song’s official release date. However, three days before that, The Weeknd teased it on Instagram. This is one of the bonus tracks that appear on the deluxe edition of the number one album “After Hours” (which is actually the fifth studio album of The Weeknd). “After Hours” was supported by the singles below:

Many pundits and fans believe the song’s addressee is model Bella Hadid. The Weeknd and Bella first began dating in 2015.

8 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    Uh no this is about Selena, Abel’s true soul match is Selena wait and watch, if it was Bella they wouldn’t have broken up back and forth, he was destroyed after the Selena breakup, wanted to marry her! Hope these two find their way back to each other, Bella is too young and way too insecure and self absorbed, she’s also bulimic!

  2. Talum says:

    I agree with the above 💯, he looked so happy with Selena, never looked at Bella that way but Bella is obsessed with him, that never works, hope Abel calls Selena or Selena him and try again, Bieber is no longer her addiction thank God and Abel will put down his ways for Selena now! Call out his name Selena, y’all are gorgeous together!

  3. Dray says:

    I listened to his new songs and thought a few were definitely about Selena, the goodbye for good it never was meant to be sound like Bella, she is too young and immature for him. He needs someone stimulating intelligent that he can artistically feed off of, that is Selena, he had a whole album when with her, said would never release, now that’s soulful love! Man, call her Abel, she’s your penguin dude!

    • Justin says:

      Selena is so insecure and immature are you guys kidding.. Bella and the weeknd are on and off because of media and Bella’s career have y’all not seen how happy they were after Selena… and didn’t Selena drop her bff who gave her a kidney transplant to save her life all so she could drink again that’s so immature on Selena’s behalf. Bella at such a young age has talent and success as a model Selena can’t even sing it’s all fame from her days as a child actress I’ve never liked her songs so basic and boring. I hate it when people fall in a fantasy whenever Selena dates like even Justin’s wife got so much hate for big insecure just cause the media said tbh I won’t even be surprised if Selena paid off the media to say that about her. Selena will always be a lower rebound. If you true X’O you’ll know.

  4. Mike Drop T says:

    You’re delusional Justin!
    Bella is plastic with a bought face, Abel looked at Selena in a way he never looked at Bella, facts! Selena can sing, her album killed Justin’s, Abel’s did too, they are self made, if Abel truly loved Bella he would have stayed with her, he did not he booted her out for good and still misses Selena! Hailey stalked Selena and Justin together and separate now married they both do, Selena and Abel are now doing music and movies, Bella bought a new face and body for modeling which requires zero talent and she’s a known druggie and bulimic! Selena and her friend are still friends, she gave her her kidney and got paid a lot for it, Justin is a druggie so get off it, why Selena has to walk away, Hailey married him all whacked out on drugs, so no your comments Justin lol are ludicrous, nice try though! Selena could have had both these dudes had she laid down for the drugs and cheating, she chose herself which is why they both will never forget her, Bella gone Justin a mess Hailey honey he’s all yours yummy yummy really that’s music, go away! Drops mic

  5. Maria says:

    This song is truly about Selena can’t you guys see how he misses Selena? he can’t live without this girl, he’s very attached to her

  6. Yaababy says:

    Yeah that’s really true he loved Selena i hope they both call out their names. They look good together.

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