“After Hours” by The Weeknd

“After Hours” is the title of a 2020 song by seasoned Canadian singer and songwriter The Weeknd. The words of “After Hours” primarily center on a romantic relationship that failed to work out between the narrator and the addressee.

From the lyrics, it is abundantly clear that the root cause of the relationship’s inability to work out well was the narrator. He did certain things that broke her heart. But that being said, the lyrics don’t make it crystal clear what said actions were. But all in all, he presently regrets said actions. He greatly misses the addressee and wants her back in his life again.

So in one way or another, “After Hours” could be classified as an apology note the narrator is sending to his former lover. And from all indications, he clearly loves her, feels sorry for breaking her heart and wants to reconcile with her. Her absence in his life is indeed causing him unbearable misery. And the only antidote to this misery is via their reconciliation.

Lyrics of "After Hours"

Is this song about Bella Hadid?

Many believe the addressee in “After Hours” is none other than American model Bella Hadid. Now, Bella and The Weeknd first began dating in 2015. They broke up in 2017 and began seeing each other again for the second time in 2018. The couple split again barely a year later in 2019 (some months before “After Hours” was released). Owing to this, many speculate that The Weeknd is talking directly to Bella in this song. He apparently couldn’t seem to get over their breakup.

But the million-dollar question is this: is this song really talking to Bella Hadid?

While we don’t have any hard evidence to support the speculations above, it is likely the lyrics might have been inspired by a real failed romance The Weeknd was involved in prior to writing the song.

Writing Credits for “After Hours”

The Weeknd along with five other songwriters (including singer Mario Winans) are credited with writing “After Hours”. Noah Sammak, Belly, Illangelo and DaHeala are the other three writers of this song. Furthermore, all the song’s writers (with the exception of Belly) handled its production.

Release Date

“After Hours” was officially released on February 19th, 2020. The Weeknd and his team issued the song as the third single from his 2020 album of the same name. “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights” were the first two singles released from that project.

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