“Faith” by The Weeknd

“Faith” isn’t centered so much on the concept of faith as it is The Weeknd exclaiming that he is losing that which he possesses. Or all lyrics considered, we can say that he is slipping back to his dark side. And more specifically, this aspect of his character is the type that abuses recreational drugs. Or as he puts it, “he’s been sober for a year”. But now he is reverting back to his “old ways”.  So when he states that he lost his faith, it may not necessarily be in a religious sense as such a statement is commonly interpreted. Rather it can also be understood as him losing faith in himself.

This idea is brought to life most pointedly during the post-chorus, when the singer states that he deceived himself and others into believing that he would “be a better man”. But instead his “demons”, as in his affinity for drugs and fast living, have other plans in mind. And by the time all is said and done, he is metaphorically predicting that his descension back into such a lifestyle is going to land him into some serious trouble.

Lyrics of "Faith"

Writing Credits for “Faith”

The Weeknd, Metro Boomin and Illangelo are the writers of this song. And they had further assistance in terms of the track’s penning from an artist named Belly.

Release Date

This song came out on 20 March 2020 as part of The Weeknd’s bestselling album entitled “After Hours”.

2 Responses

  1. channel says:

    The weeknd is so brilliant artist, he doesn’t just speak directly, but many people think that he’s meaning losing faith in God but I guess himself
    But also, if you listen to “pray for me” ft kendr Lamar I you may doubt the weeknd so much for being faithful to God
    All in all, he’s ma favorite artist of all time

    • Ras Star says:

      These lyrics and melodies are so addictive like the drugs these artists are hooked on they are very deep and great to listen to.

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