The Weeknd’s “Snowchild” Lyrics Meaning

“Snowchild” is a song in which at first The Weeknd delves into his personal history. Indeed the title of this track is actually an allusion to the fact that he used to be akin to a drug addict, with snow actually being a popular slang term for coke. Also considering that he is from Toronto, it could be a further reference to his origins as it does tend to snow in that region of the world. And for the most part, the reason he is harping on the past in the first place is to illustrate how his disposition has changed throughout the years.  That is to say that there was a moment in time where he fantasized about being rich and worked towards such accordingly. And now that his mega success has arrived, he is in fact able to enjoy the physical manifestations of his wealth.

But at the same time there is a sense of boredom throughout it all, as in circumstances not necessarily materializing as idealized. For instance, The Weeknd finds himself ‘taking care of families for his brothers’ when they are incarcerated. He’s also made multi-million dollar investments that he is no longer interested in. And he has to deal with some of the unfavorable realities of being a celebrity, such as perpetually being on the road and having paparazzi on his tail who basically want him to do something wrong. 


So somewhat similar to what he expressed in “Escape from L.A.”, here we find The Weekend once again fantasizing, if you will, about leaving his current life behind. Indeed whereas he was ‘fiending for money’ in the past, now that he has achieved it, obviously his disposition, to some degree, has changed.

Lyrics of "Snowchild"

Writing Credits

The Weeknd co-wrote “Snowchild” with three others, including Illangelo. The other two co-writers are DaHeala and Belly.

Release Date

“Snowchild” was released along with “After Hours” (which is its album) on March 20, 2020.

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