“Scared to Live” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s “Scared to Live” is honestly an interestingly complex song, as in there are a whole bunch of emotions being relayed by the singer. But what it all boils down to is this. He really and truly loves his significant other but has also come to realize that she would be better off without him. In fact the title of this track, as it fits into that storyline, is symbolic of him encouraging her to pretty much dump him and move on with her life. But he knows that she cannot easily do so due to her likewise strong feelings for him. 

And the way the situation comes off is as if he basically messed the relationship up by cheating on her. So again, he is instructing her to start her life anew without him. And this is not due to him actually wanting to lose her. Rather he obviously feels that part of the reason she is hanging on, outside of being in love, is that she is “scared to live”. And the way that statement reads is as if she is being apprehensive towards taking the necessary risks to live her life to the fullest. 

In conclusion, all of these complex emotions and understandings The Weeknd is dealing with are premised on the singer realizing one important thing. And this is that his presence in the addressee’s life is detrimental to her emotional wellbeing.

Lyrics of "Scared to Live"

Facts about “Scared to Live’

The Weeknd premiered this song on the 7 March 2020 episode of “Saturday Night Live”. And the producer of the track, Oneohtrix Point Never, joined him for the performance.

Oneohtrix Point Never also worked with The Weeknd in writing this song.

During said performance The Weeknd sported a red suit and a bloody, even off-putting appearance under some viewers’ estimation. Indeed some even theorized that he had been beaten up. However, what he was actually doing was promoting his upcoming album, “After Hours”, which “Scared to Live” is featured on. And based on the theatrical release associated with the project, the insinuation would be more like the singer committed a crime as opposed to being the victim of one.

Republic Records and XO Records will officially release this track on 20 March 2020 . Upon its release, it would be the fourth single of “After Hours”.

The album’s first three singles are:

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