“Waves” by Normani (featuring 6LACK)

“Waves” is a song by American singer Normani released in November 2018. The song features a verse from American rapper and singer 6LACK. The lyrics of “Waves” center around the theme of an on and off romantic relationship.

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Although Normani wants to forget about her ex, thoughts of him occupy her mind in waves every moment of her life. She hates him and loves him at the same time. She doesn’t want to be with him yet when she’s away from him, she misses him so much. From the look of things, if she had the power to stop herself from loving him, she would do so in a heartbeat. However, since that’s impossible, she finds herself repeatedly going back to him.

In his verse, 6LACK also talks about simultaneously hating and loving his partner. He can’t get her out of his mind because thoughts of her constantly reside there. He’d rather his mind wasn’t always filled with thoughts of her. However, there’s nothing he can do about that. Owing to this, he consciously and subconsciously never wants to replace her with any other woman.

Lyrics of "Waves"


Quick Facts about “Waves”

  • Normani and 6LACK co-penned this track with songwriters Mary Weitz and Felicia Ferraro.
  • Music producer Jonah Christian teamed up with fellow producer Taylor Parks to produce the track.
  • Although Normani officially dropped the track on November 15, 2018, she performed it for the first time at the TIDAL X Benefit Concert on October 23, 2018 in New York City.

Away from this song, do Normani and 6lack have any other collaboration?

As of November 2018, “Waves” is the only collaboration between these two artists.

Normani on her collaboration with 6lack

During her appearance on Zane Lowe’s iconic Beats 1 radio show, Normani revealed she and 6lack were “fans of each other”. She referred to 6lack as “an amazing lyricist” who took the song to another level. It’s important to mention that “Waves” was debuted on Beats 1.


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