“Falling Back” by Drake

From a surface-lyrical perspective, “Falling Back” definitely doesn’t rank amongst Drake’s most complex outings. But underneath these simple, short sentences, the story being told is pretty deep. What it all boils down to, most simply put, is the vocalist being the woeful victim of an unreciprocated love.

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And no, in the process Drizzy doesn’t particularly come off as one of those types who consider himself a guiltless suffering. In fact he seems to be just about ready to call things quits himself. But he is one of those types who, by the looks of things, cannot terminate the relationship with the woman he loves unless it is a mutual decision.

So the dilemma is that his partner, the addressee, is shown to be down for such a move one day but then coming back the next. And it is that treatment in particular that has come to bother the vocalist, how he is unable to definitively ascertain whether she is committed or not.

I don’t want to be your “fall back”

Or as the title puts it, she’s using him as a “fall back” lover, i.e. the kind whereas she can go out, do her thing and then for whatever reason(s) return when she sees fit. And since Drake comes off as if he’s genuinely in love with her, then of course he doesn’t approve of such a modus operandi on her behalf. 

Besides that, he’s able to recognize that her dependency on him extends beyond the emotional realm, thus making such treatment even more unfair. 

Furthermore, it’s really interesting to note that on the music video to this track, Drizzy rather presents himself as being akin to a womanizer. So maybe what is being inferred when you contrast the theme of the visual with what’s being put forth lyrically is that the vocalist became that way as the result of being victimized in romance himself.

Lyrics of Drake’s “Falling Back”

Release of “Falling Back”

This is the opening song on “Honestly, Nevermind”, the Drake studio album that OVO Sound and Republic Records put out on 17 June 2022.

As of the release date of “Honestly, Nevermind”, “Falling Back” was not issued as a single. However, it did hit the airwaves complete with its own music video, an obviously comedic affair where Drake is depicted as marrying 23 women simultaneously. Important to note is that all 23 women are all actually models.

The Video

Said video was helmed by one Director X and features Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham. Also playing a notable role in the clip is NBAer and former LeBron James’ teammate Tristan Thompson who, like Drizzy, is from Canada.

Present in the clip is a public-service announcement, if you will, to “Free YSL”. This is a message in support of fellow rappers Young Thug and Gunna (signees of the Young Stoner Life label), who are each currently facing over 100 years in prison.

Credits for “Falling Back”

Drake is credited with writing this song alongside its producers. Below is the full list of producers of “Falling Back”.

  • Alex Lustig
  • Beau Nox
  • Rampa
  • &ME
Drake’s “Falling Back”

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