Meaning of “Nonstop” by Drake

“Nonstop” is a song by the famed Canadian rapper Drake. The song’s lyrics see Drake rap about a number of things ranging from his fine rapping skills to his intelligent business moves to the enormous wealth he has accumulated over his rap career.

Drake talks about his Biracial Background

Another very important topic Drake addresses in “Nonstop” is his biracial identity. Drake, who was born to an African-American father and Caucasian Canadian mother, has over the years been targeted by a number of his peers of not being black enough. For example, in American rapper Pusha T’s diss track “The Story of Adidon”, he makes reference of Drake’s biracial identity and goes ahead to use it to mock him.

In the first verse of “Nonstop”, Drake raps about how his light skin has made it very easy for his detractors and enemies to point their fingers at him and say he’s isn’t black enough to be a 100% bonafide member of the ‘hood’. He goes on to admit he is indeed light skinned but that in no way takes away the fact that he’s “still a dark n***a”.

Lyrics of "Nonstop" by Drake

Facts about “Nonstop”

  • This track was written by Drake and two other songwriters, namely American music producer Ernest Dion Wilson (best known as No I.D.) and Brytavious Chambers. Prior to co-writing this track with Drake, Chambers was a relatively unknown songwriter.
  • The production of the song was handled by three producers: Tay Keith (whom Drake mentions by name at the beginning of the song), Noel Cadastre and No I.D. (who also co-wrote the song).
  • This track, which is from Drake’s fifth studio album Scorpion, was released on June 29, 2018. Scorpion is a double album that contains approximately 25 songs.
  • The song’s title “Nonstop” doesn’t appear in the song’s lyrics.
  • This song was a commercial success and performed very well on the charts in numerous countries, including Drake’s home country of Canada where it reached number one. It peaked at number 2 and number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart respectively.
  • There currently isn’t any official music video released for this track.


What musical genre is “Nonstop”?

It is primarily a trap song.

Does “Nonstop” contain samples?

Unlike a lot of the tracks on Drake’s Scorpion album, this track doesn’t contain any sample.


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