“Lover” by Taylor Swift

“Lover” is the title of a romantic song recorded by American singer Taylor Swift. The lyrics of “Lover” are autobiographical since they give listeners a glimpse into the Swift’s romantic relationship with her actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

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Simply put, “Lover” is a very personal track that apparently centers on Swift’s very private love affair with Alwyn. It tells the world how deeply she’s in love with him and committed to their relationship.

But how sure are we that “Lover” is about Joe Alwyn?

A number of lines in the lyrics give us concrete clues that this is a song dedicated to Alwyn and Swift’s romance with him. One good example of such lines can be found in the song’s second verse where Swift tells her addressee that she has loved him for three summers.

 “I’ve loved you three summers honey”

Swift began dating Alwyn in 2016. This means that as of the release date of the song, the couple has been dating for at least three years (“three summers“).

In the chorus, Swift talks about wanting to go wherever her significant other goes. It should be noted that as of the date of the song’s release, Alwyn (who is English) lives in London whereas Swift (who is American) lives in Los Angeles and sometimes New York. And it has been reported that since Swift and Alwyn began their love affair in 2016, Swift has secretly traveled numerous times to the UK just to be with Alwyn. Hence the line “Can I go wherever you go”.

In addition to the above lines, there are several more in the song that give us an idea that this heartfelt love song is about or dedicated to the apple of Swift’s eye – Joe Alwyn.

What has Taylor Swift said about this song?

Of course, Swift currently hasn’t confirmed the above. And it’s likely she would never do so. She however, spoke a little bit about the song in an interview with Vogue magazine. In that interview, she stated that the bridge of “Lover” happened to be one of her “favorite bridges”.

Taylor Swift on "Lover"

Below is the song’s bridge which Swift can’t seem to get enough of:

Bridge of "Lover"

Writing and Production of “Lover”

Taylor Swift wrote this tune and co-produced it with Fun’s Jack Michael Antonoff.

Release Date

“Lover” was released through Swift’s own Taylor Swift Productions and Republic Records on 16th August, 2019. It was the third single to be released from her seventh album (which is also titled Lover). It was preceded by the following songs (which also appear on the album):

“Lover” appears in “ME!” music video

“Lover” was teased for the first time in the official music video for Swift’s “ME!”. In this video, there’s a scene in which the word “LOVER” is boldly inscribed on a sign.

"Lover" sign
The “Lover” sign being teased in the video for the single “ME!”

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    Hai, so I wanted to say, this is probably all true, but since she has discussed the writing of this song. How far into depth, not very. However, in her documentary Ms. Americana, she did disuss the writing of the entire album and partially disscussed song and hinted towards their meanings. Thus, I would release an updated version. Nonetheless, this was very educational <3

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