“Daylight” by Taylor Swift

For the most part, “Daylight” reads like a love song, one in which Taylor Swift is celebrating the realization of true love after waiting many years for it to arrive. But on a higher level, it is indicative of her realizing a new stage in her life in general where she is forgiving herself of past mistakes and moving on with her life.

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This idea really comes to light in the second verse. People familiar with Taylor know that her name had been dragged through the mud in the past. And it seems to be some of such situations she is referring to. Moreover, Swift acknowledges that she has made her fair share of bad decisions under her own accord. But once again, she has apparently overcome those mistakes. And going back to the central theme of romance, what Swift is basically saying is that her wherewithal to bypass these issues was manifest via the love she now has for the addressee. Indeed her sweetheart has come to dominate all of her desires and all of her thoughts.

So conclusively we can say that this track is an ode to the transformative power of true-romantic love. For now as a recipient of such, Taylor Swift is able to “let go” of former challenges and instead “step into the daylight”. This is symbolic of her practicing self-forgiveness and maturing in the process. So in addition to the pleasures that come with being in love, in general, the relationship she is singing about has had a profound, positive influence on her life.

Lyrics of "Daylight"

“Daylight” almost became its Album’s Title

This song is the final track on the playlist of Taylor Swift’s 2019 studio album Lover. In fact, her original intention was to name the entire album “Daylight”. However, for some reason she chose the title “Lover” instead.

When was “Daylight” released?

It came out via Republic Records on 23 August 2019.

Writing and Production

Taylor Swift and her longtime collaborator, Jack Antonoff, are the sole writers and producers of “Daylight”.

Is “Daylight” about Taylor Swift’s romance with Joe Alwyn?

Many Swifties have speculated that this track is about her romantic relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. And we can’t help but see eye to eye with them! 

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  1. Zin Mar says:

    Awesome Girl .Love her forever and ever

  2. Roland Aranjo says:

    Thanks for the analysis. Do you think the addressee is the same for Her songs: Daylight, ME, Afterglow and Delicate?

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