“London Boy” by Taylor Swift

The easiest way to understand the song “London Boy” is as it being an ode to Taylor Swift‘s three-year long beau at the time of its release, English actor Joe Alwyn.  She does not mention him by name.  Rather she is expressing her love for a “boy” from his actual hometown, which would be London. And she goes about proving this fact by namedropping actual locations in the Big Smoke as evidence that she and her lover had casually visited such places together. However, it should be noted (due to the way some have gone about taking this song literally) that for the most part she is shouting out London in general. That is to say that all of these namedrops are truly meant to ultimately point to the idea of her really loving her sweetheart. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Taylor Swift's London Boy at Lyrics.org.

This is also done amidst her also referencing specific localities in the United States, her land of origin. In other words, Taylor’s love for a foreign city does not mean she has lost affection for her own homeland.  Rather she realizes that her true “home”, (as in where her “heart” resides) is with her boo, who happens to be from London.

And whereas once again no actual human names are called, she drops clues that it is indeed Joe Alwyn whom she is singing about. And in terms of this song’s allusions to the personal life of Taylor Swift, it is significant to Swifties (her die hard fans) as she is infamously-secretive concerning details of her relationship.


So this song is further indication that, if nothing else, Tay Tay is deeply in love. Indeed she lets it be explicitly known that she and Joe’s London-based excursions are not based on visiting the pricey parts of town or hobnobbing with power people. Rather she enjoys being with him so much that even time spent in common locations with his regular homeys is a treat to her. 

And the above, folks, is the meaning of Taylor Swift’s “London Boy” from A to Z.

Lyrics of "London Boy"

“London Boy” angered some Londoners

Some Londoners have taken offense, if you will, to this song. Their gripe is that while Taylor tries to come off as if she is familiar with the city, those actually familiar with the locations she mentions will know that she is not.

Writing and Production Credits for “London Boy”

Taylor Swift wrote and produced “London Boy” along with the track’s two co-producers, namely:

  • Jack Antonoff
  • Sounwave

American singer/songwriter Cautious Clay is also credited as one of the track’s writers.

FYI: “London Boy” is featured on Lover. Lover is the seventh studio album of Swift’s musical career.

Did Taylor release this as a single?

No. Her album Lover was preceded by just three singles, including the hit “Me!” (featuring Brendon Urie).

Is Idris Elba featured on “London Boy”?

The intro to this song features an audio clip of Londoner and Hollywood superstar Idris Elba being interviewed by late-night talk-show host and fellow Londoner James Corden in 2017, on the subject of touring London.  Both of these media personalities actually co-star alongside Taylor Swift on the 2019 version of the hit musical Cats.

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