“Love Is Alive” by The Judds

The simplest way of describing The Judds’ “Love Is Alive”, which relies significantly on allegorical lingo, is as the vocalist personifying love itself as this man she’s smitten by. Another way of wording that idea is that via her relationship with him, now Wynonna Judd has come to realize what true love is.

Beforehand, as implied, it was something she understood via others’ explanations and interpretations of the phenomenon. But now from personal experience she has come to realize that love is sort of this living organism in and of itself, which again is personified via her partner. So more simply interpreted, she perceives him as being the perfect partner.

Lyrics for The Judds' "Love Is Alive"

Release Date(s)

“Love Is Alive” came out in May 1985 as the third single The Judds released in support of their maiden album. This album, which is titled “Why Not Me”, actually hit stores on 15th October, 1984.


Neither Naomi nor Wynonna Judd wrote this song. The song’s sole writer is the late American songwriter, Kent Robbins. As of the production duties of “Love Is Alive”, they were handled by long-time producer of The Judds, Brent Maher.

Chart Success

This tune was a huge success in America for The Judds. It marked the mother-daughter duo’s fourth number 1 country hit.

US Billboard Hot Country Songs#1
Canadian RPM Country Tracks#1

Other Versions

Following the sad demise of Naomi Judd, “Love Is Alive” was performed live at various events as a tribute to Naomi. For example, in May of 2022, during a CMT special titled “Naomi Judd: A River Of Time Celebration, Ashley McBryde performed an emotionally charged version of the track.

In July, 2022, Brandi Carlile paid tribute to the late Naomi via a touching performance of “Love Is Alive”. She performed the song together with Naomi’s daughter Wynonna  in Nashville. Naomi had died a few months earlier in April by suicide after a long battle with mental challenges.

Love Is Alive

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