The Judds

This country music collective was created by a mother, Naomi Judd, alongside her daughter, Wynonna. The group was started around the early 1980s. 

By 1983 the mother and daughter duo was fully established in the music industry, as they landed their first record deal with the label RCA Nashville. They subsequently released various projects under this label including their first full-length album titled “Why Not Me”. Said project was made public in 1984.

After their first record the duo continued releasing several more albums. Between 1985 and 1990 they had released a total of five studio albums including one of their most successful records “River of Time”, which dropped in 1989. Said record served as their fifth studio album.

In April 2022, fans of The Judds were hit by the unfortunate news of the death of Naomi, who died as a result of suicide.

What Style is The Judds?

During their active years, The Judds were fully focused on creating songs in the country music genre.

Notable Songs by The Judds

Wynonna and her mother worked together to release a number of successful tunes. A few of them have been mentioned below:

“Rompin’ Stompin’ Blues”

“Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain”

“Rock Bottom”

“Why Not Me”

“Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)”

“River of Time”

“Cry Myself to Sleep”

“Born to Be Blue”

“Young Love (Strong Love)”

“Mama He’s Crazy”

“I Know Where I’m Going”

“Love Is Alive”

“Let Me Tell You About Love”

“Guardian Angels”

“Girls’ Night Out”

“Give a Little Love”

“Had a Dream (For the Heart)”

“I Saw the Light”


Their works earned them a host of accolades including multiple honors from prestigious awarding bodies like the Grammys. Talking about the Grammys, the duo won four consecutive “Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” awards between 1985 and 1989. And then in 1992 they were also honored in the same category for their song titled “Love Can Build A Bridge“.  

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