“Cry Myself to Sleep” by The Judds

Unfortunately for Wynonna Judd, on “Cry Myself to Sleep”, she finds herself in love with someone who can only be described as a toxic lover. The addressee’s toxicity is manifested through him being insensitive, deceitful and as further implied unfaithful. In fact he’s such an A-hole that their romance has degenerated into one of those types of situations whereas Wynonna’s friends are telling her to just leave him.

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But as alluded to via the title, as it currently stands the vocalist lacks the wherewithal to do so and basically comes off as if she’s at the mercy of her bad boyfriend. And that’s why Wynonna is ‘crying herself to sleep at night’. That is to say that she’s distraught to the point of tears, and ultimately there is no one around to console her.

Lyrics of The Judds' "Cry Myself to Sleep"

Who wrote this song?

Paul KennerleyBrent Maher

When was “Cry Myself to Sleep” released?

Date of Release: September of 1986
Album/EP: “Rockin’ with the Rhythm” (1985)

“Rockin’ with the Rhythm”

This track is the seventh song on the tracklist of “Rockin’ with the Rhythm”, which is the sophomore studio album of The Judds. Four singles were released from this album, with “Cry Myself to Sleep” being its final single.

Other singles from the album:

  • “Have Mercy” – issued in September of 1985
  • “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)” – issued in January of 1986
  • “Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain” – issued in May of 1986


Released through record label RCA Nashville, this album went Platinum in the US.

Cry Myself to Sleep

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