“Born to Be Blue” by The Judds

Fundamentally explained, “Born to Be Blue” is one of those songs in which the vocalist goes about lamenting being stuck in a state of singlehood. The vocalist is a victim of the blues. Put simply, she is depressed. But in that regard, she does not expound on any other part of her life except the fact that she does not have a significant other, nor does there appear to be a potential one anywhere in sight.

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So try as she might to remain optimistic, the pessimistic thoughts are rather prevailing, i.e. those telling her that she will remain single for life. And that is why the vocalist believes that perhaps she was “born to be blue”, as if it were her fate to be alone and deal with the less-than-ideal emotional consequences thereof.

The Judds' "Born to Be Blue" Lyrics

Credits for “Born to Be Blue”

Mike ReidBrent Maher
Brent Maher 
Mack David 

Date of Release: August of 1990
Album/EP: “Love Can Build a Bridge” (1990)

“Born to Be Blue” was the first of three singles issued from The Judds’ sixth studio project “Love Can Build a Bridge”.

The title track, released in December 1990, and “One Hundred and Two”, issued in April 1991, are the album’s other two singles.

Born to Be Blue

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