“Broadway Girls” by Lil Durk (ft. Morgan Wallen)

“Broadway Girls” is primarily a country song, meaning that it has a distinct narrative. And the setting would be a Nashville-based venue known as Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar where Morgan Wallen meets a lady who his cousin/homey Bean does not want him messing around with, i.e. taking the woman’s phone away from her and ruining the mood. 

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Apparently, this has something to do with Wallen being “drunk and crazy” and potentially making a fool himself on record. And those familiar with Morgan’s recent history know the types of things he can do when he gets drunk and crazy.

So Wallen’s doesn’t appear to have any issue with Bean due to the latter’s actions. Instead the singer acknowledges that “girls like” the one he’s dealing with in this case ‘just want to take him around, around and around’. And we will interpret that phrase, also taking the chorus into consideration, as a poetic way of alluding to some female romantic interests’ tendency to just use guys for the moment. 

These “Broadway girls”, as the song refers to them, may take you on a short-term ride of love. But by the end of the day, they will also prove – in some way, shape or form – that said love isn’t real.

These Broadway Girls are Gold Diggers

And it is actually Lil Durk’s subsequent verse that really drives the point home, that what we’re dealing with here is a reference gold-diggers or more specifically the types of women who like to hang out “with stars”. 

And in the bridge Morgan recognizes that by this point, he should personally be married.   But the implication is that he and Lil Durk sorta have an unhealthy addiction to these “Broadway girls”.

All in all

So conclusively, we’ll say that this song is clear yet a bit confusing at the same time. It is more or less obvious that, excuse our French, the vocalists are referring to these girls as loose women. But it has been noted that this is the first song that Lil Durk ever participated on where the language is non-explicit. 

In other words, he is not able to utilize his usual, more straightforward terminology (as rappers rarely beat around the bush), and all things considered we can presume that Morgan is playing it lyrically safe also. 

So this is like a track with an adult subject matter, though reliant on family-friendly language, if you will. But that said, the ultimate point being put across is that whereas them “Broadway girls” may be appealing or entertaining, they are also, as far as matters of the heart go, toxic.

Lyrics of "Broadway Girls"

Facts about “Broadway Girls”

“Broadway Girls” was a song that Morgan Wallen first teased about a couple of months prior to its official release, at that time not featuring Lil Durk. 

And taking into account that Wallen is an established country music star from Tennessee and Dirk a hardcore rapper from Chi-town, “Broadway Girls”, which came out on 17 December 2021, can be considered the surprise collaboration of the year.

It is theoretically possible that Wallen’s decision to team up with Lil Durk was akin to a PR move. And that’s because earlier this year he almost got canceled, as they call it these days, after a video surfaced of the singer engaged in a drunken rant utilizing the N-word.

Durk and Wallen are credited as writers of this song, as is another artist known simply as Ernest and the track’s producers, Charlie Handsome and Joe Reeves.

By the looks of things, it was actually Morgan and his team who originated “Broadway Girls”.  Morgan also holds down the majority of the vocals. However, Durk is credited as the main vocalist, and this track is part of his 2022 album titled “7220”.

As such Durk’s own label, Only the Family, is one of the companies behind the issuance of this single, along with Sony Music Entertainment and Alamo Records.

Broadway Girls

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