Meaning of “Cowgirls” by Morgan Wallen (ft. ERNEST)

The song “Cowgirls” appears to celebrate a particular type of woman – the cowgirl – who embodies a unique blend of spirit, independence, and allure.

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Let’s break down some of the meanings and themes:

Independence and Wild Spirit: The cowgirl in the song is described as having a kind of untamed and wild nature. References to “set the field on fire,” “wild horses run,” and “rodeo for one night” all suggest someone who’s unpredictable, free-spirited, and perhaps hard to hold onto.

Contradictions: The lyrics delve into the contradictions that make up the essence of the cowgirl. She has a “cold heart” but a “warm smile.” She’s “a little bit angel” but mostly “outlaw.” These juxtapositions paint the picture of a complex individual, someone who can’t be easily categorized or understood.

Emotional Impact: The cowgirl has a profound emotional impact on the singer. While she might leave him heartbroken, the allure remains. He’s drawn to her even if it means getting hurt, which is evident in lines like “I hate that I love the way them kisses taste like whiskey” and “Leave this heart broken.”

Transient Nature: A recurrent theme is the idea of the cowgirl being on the move or not settling down. The mention of leaving someone in a “lonely ghost town world” or how she might “wake up, take off, and not even miss me” suggests that she’s always on the move, much like a roaming cowboy or, in this case, cowgirl.

Celebration: The chorus continually reaffirms the idea of “long live cowgirls.” Even with the pain and unpredictability they might bring, there’s a celebration of their spirit and essence. This idea reinforces that, for the singer, the allure and attraction of the cowgirl are worth the emotional rollercoaster.

Passion: The cowgirl is described as passionate and intense in her relationships. Descriptions like “wild kind of lovin’ you make” or “love you like a mustang” hint at a fiery passion and intense connection.

In conclusion

The song celebrates the cowgirl archetype – a woman who’s free, passionate, a bit wild, but undeniably captivating. The singer acknowledges the challenges of loving such a person but ultimately embraces and celebrates her spirit.

When was “Cowgirls” released?

On 3rd March, 2023, this track was released. It’s part of Morgan’s third album, “One Thing at a Time”.

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