“Chasin’ You” by Morgan Wallen

On Morgan Wallen’s “Chasin’ You”, he is addressing a romantic interest, apparently one he was particularly close to when they were children. As life progressed, their respective pursuits drove them apart. Or more specifically, she decided to move to Los Angeles in search of fulfilling a dream. So now the singer has gone about ‘tracking her down’. And whereas she has gone about “chasing… freedom” with her visions of life out west, he likewise is ‘chasing her’ and in the process reliving the joyful memories they once shared. This is despite the fact that he has now moved on to a new partner. And he understands that, all things considered, perhaps he and this lady will never actually meet up again. So his desire is that when she hears this song on the radio, she will know that he still thinks about her very much.

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“Chasing you like a shot of whiskey”

Summary: Morgan is still chasing his fantasies of being with this ex-girlfriend of his, even though they have both gone their separate ways.

Facts about “Chasin’ You”

Morgan released this in July of 2019. It was actually the only single he released in 2019.

The music video to this song was filmed in its entirety in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the fourth and final single from Morgan’s maiden album, which is named “If I Know Me”. The hit track “Whiskey Glasses” was also one of this project’s singles.

Including Morgan, there are two others who share writing credits on “Chasin’ You”. They are: Jamie Moore and Grammy winning songwriter and producer Craig Wiseman.

This was a huge success for Morgan. It topped both Billboard’s Canada and US Country charts. Furthermore it was a top 20 hit for Morgan on Billboard’s Hot 100 (which is widely considered the most important music chart in the world).

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