George Ezra’s “Did You Hear The Rain?” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of George Ezra’s “Did You Hear the Rain?” are based on the different types of personas that cannot exist within a single individual. And considering that the “Lucifer inside” is mentioned numerous times, this would insinuate that the types of personality changes which are being highlighted the most are where a person exhibits a less-favorable side of their character. However, according to George Ezra this track is intended to have an “indulgent” tone.

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First Verse

In terms of ‘hearing the rain’, according to the first verse, this event would signify that the singer is “coming home again”. Later he calls the person he is addressing a “jack of all trades” and accuses this individual of attempting to ‘steal his name’. Then he expresses a sentiment tantamount to his being “born” to be victorious and free.


The chorus seems to indicate that upon the ‘hearing the rain’ the individual ‘tried to run and hide’.  However, “Lucifer is inside”, “tearing at the chain”. This would seem to be indicative of some type of self-conflict. In other words, what Ezra may be saying is the Lucifer inside of him, which is being held in captivity, is making an effort to break free. And the sound of rain is a symbol used to explain this experience.

Did You Hear the Rain? lyrics

Second Verse

The second verse is even more-shrouded than the first. However, in it, the singer seems to be clearly interacting with an external figure.


In the bridge we find that Ezra, likely due to the aforementioned personality shifts, has the ability to “send a shiver down” the spine of the person he is singing to. Simply put, he seems to be taunting this individual with his ability to make him nervous at will. This is a “little trick” that George plays on him.  However, he acknowledges that such actions are not an ideal way to behave.


What can be generally gleaned from this track is that George Ezra recognizes that “Lucifer is inside” of himself, and he wants to come out and play. And the sound of “the rain” means he is approaching.  However, it is not abundantly clear if the singer is simply recognizing this event or rather warning others that he, with this personality trait, is “coming home again”.

Quick Facts about “Did You Hear the Rain?”

  • George Ezra and Matt Allchin worked together to compose “Did You Hear the Rain?”. The song’s production, on the other hand, was taken care of by Cam Blackwood.
  • The track was released as Ezra’s debut single on the 1st of November 2013. It was later re-released in the United Kingdom in May 2015.
  • “Did You Hear the Rain?” is featured on Ezra’s debut studio album titled Wanted on Voyage. It is the 7th song on this album.

What has George Ezra said about “Did You Hear the Rain?”?

According to Ezra, the entire song centers on the various characters that dwell within the average person.

George Ezra explains the meaning of "Did You Hear the Rain?"

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