Meaning of “Pretty Shining People” by George Ezra

“Pretty Shining People” is a song written and performed by English singer George Ezra. This song starts with dark lyrics before quickly switching to positive and uplifting ones. According to Ezra, the lyrics of the track are about coming together as one, loving each other and being better. Ezra feels that only when we have done this would the world be a better place for all.

"Pretty Shining People" Lyrics

Shortly after the song’s release, Ezra took to Twitter to explain the true meaning of the song. And here are the exact words he used in describing what this song is about:

George Ezra

Facts about “Pretty Shinning People”

  • George Ezra solely handled the writing of this song.
  • The song’s production was handled solely by Cam Blackwood. Blackwood is a noted English music producer and musician. Ezra and Blackwood have worked together multiple times in the past. Blackwood worked with Ezra on many of the latter’s hit singles such as “Paradise”, “Shotgun” and “Budapest”.
  • In addition to producing the song, Blackwood played a plethora of instruments on the track. He played instruments ranging from guitar to piano to drums.
  • On March 2, 2018, Sony Music in conjunction with Columbia Records officially released this track. The song’s music video was also published on YouTube on that same date.
  • “Pretty Shining People” is the first track on Ezra’s March-released 2018 album Staying at Tamara’s. FYI Staying at Tamara’s is Ezra’s second studio album.

How did “Pretty Shinning People” perform on the charts?

It managed to peak at number 54 on the UK Singles Chart. It also reached number 97 in Ireland.

What genre of music is “Pretty Shining People”?

It can be said to be a folk rock song. It falls into this genre because it blends elements of rock music with folk music.

Was this released as a single from Staying at Tamara’s?

It was released as a promotional single from the aforementioned album. Staying at Tamara’s produced only four proper singles. They are as follows:

It’s noteworthy that “Hold My Girl” was initially released as a promotional single before later being released as a proper single.

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