“Hold My Girl” by George Ezra

“Hold My Girl” is a ballad by noted English singer and songwriter, George Ezra. The song can be found on Ezra’s second studio album titled Staying at Tamara’s. On this emotional song, Ezra addresses his girl (whom he is obviously deeply in love with).

Lyrics of "Hold My Girl"

From the first verse (above), we get the idea that the girl being addressed isn’t having the easiest of times. She’s going through some challenges in life. Ezra wants her to come closer to him and be that pillar of support that she desperately needs. He’s ready to devote his time to listen to what she’s going through and comfort her with his presence.

Throughout the song, Ezra reassures her of his love and support while letting her know just how much he craves to hold her.  

In all, the themes of spending quality time with someone you love and always being there for them lie at the core of the song’s lyrics.

The official music video of “Hold My Girl” by George Ezra

Facts about “Hold My Girl”

  • Ezra co-wrote “Hold My Girl” with English musician, Joel Pott. Pott is best noted for his membership of the indie band Athlete.
  • British record producer Cam Blackwood was hired to handle the production of “Hold My Girl”. Aside Ezra, Blackwood’s credits include the likes of We are Scientists, Amy Macdonald and Florence and the Machine.
  • “Hold My Girl” was recorded by Ezra in2017 and released on September 28, 2018. It was released as the fourth single from Staying at Tamara’s. However, prior to that, Ezra’s management released it as one of the promotional singles from the album in question. It’s not exactly clear why they later re-released it as an official single.
Ezra’s live performance of “Hold My Girl” during his appearance on Jonathan Ross. 

Is George Ezra’s first time collaborating with Blackwood and Joel Pott?

Both Cam Blackwood and Joel Pott have worked multiple times with George Ezra. For example, the pair collaborated with Ezra on such big hits as “Shotgun” and “Budapest“.

Who sings the background vocals on “Hold My Girl”?

Cam Blackwood provides the song’s background vocals.

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