Meaning of “Sugarcoat” by George Ezra

“Sugarcoat” is the title of a 2018 track by noted British singer and songwriter George Ezra. This song finds Ezra speaking to his significant other (whom he loves deeply). He recalls some beautiful moments they shared together. Among other things, he remembers getting to know her better.

In an interview with BBC, Ezra said the song is about a beautiful trip “we took” in South Africa. Ezra didn’t explain who the “we” constituted. However, it obvious among the “we” was he and that special someone in his life.

Here are Ezra’s words to the BBC regarding the meaning of “Sugarcoat”:

George Ezra explains the meaning of his song "Sugarcoat"

In summation, “Sugarcoat” is a love song about a girl whom Ezra had recently met. Ezra clicked with her and she became his girlfriend. In his BBC interview, he revealed that all the love songs on the album on which “Sugarcoat” appears are about that special woman in his life.

Sugarcoat Lyrics

Facts about “Sugarcoat”

  • Ezra co-penned this song with English songwriter and musician Joel Pott. FYI Pott burst into the limelight as the frontman of the indie rock band Athlete. Pott and Ezra have co-written several songs together. For example, the pair co-wrote Ezra’s 2015 hit single “Budapest” (which is one of the biggest hits of Ezra’s career).
  • “Sugarcoat” was produced entirely by Ezra’s longtime collaborator Cam Blackwood. In addition to handling production, Blackwood played a ton of instruments on this track.
  • This love song was released on March 23, 2018. It is the seventh track on Ezra’s second studio album titled Staying at Tamara’s.
  • There are three verses, three choruses and a bridge in this song.

Did Ezra release this as a single?

No. The album Staying at Tamara’s was accompanied by only four singles, including the worldwide hit “Shotgun”.

Who sings the backing vocals on “Sugarcoat”?

The background vocals on this song are sung by the song’s co-writer Joel Pott along with British singer-songwriter Florrie. Prior to this song, Florrie had collaborated extensively with Ezra. For example, she worked with him on such songs as “Shotgun” and “Paradise“.

Did George Ezra and his team shoot a music video for this track?

No. Ezra’s management released “Sugarcoat” without any accompanying music video.

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