Meaning of “Cassy O’” by George Ezra

The contents of this song by English singer George Ezra may appear unintelligible to some. And indeed it is confusing at certain points. However, there is clearly a story being told, one in which Ezra is pursuing a girl named “Cassy O’”.

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Cassy O’ is a homophonic name. It sounds the same as Casio, the popular consumer electronics company which specializes in the manufacturing of watches. This connection plays an important role in the song, as it is largely based on Ezra running out of time in terms of saving his relationship with Cassy.

The track begins with an apparent decision by Cassy to part ways with George. Apparently what caused this is Ezra’s own unfavorable ways. As such, he concludes that he needs to implement personal changes accordingly in order to prevent her departure.

However, he also acknowledges that perhaps doing so would be a waste of time. And the implication is not that Cassy would utterly refuse to entertain him. Rather it seems that Ezra doubts his own ability to change as a person. In other words, as time progresses and seemingly no matter how hard he tries, he cannot transform into a different person. Based on this, he ultimately breaks down and just begs Cassy not to leave. Yet she seems to have already committed herself to taking time off from the relationship.

All things considered, what can clearly be derived from this track is that George Ezra does not want to lose Cassy O’. However, she has already decided to leave. And regardless of how much he desires otherwise, Ezra cannot help but to keep “running in circles”, as in making no actual personal progress in his interactions with Cassy. Or as he generalizes the situation, time is now working against him as the woman he is apparently in love with drifts away.

George Ezra's "Cassy O'" lyrics

Facts about “Cassy O’”

  • “Cassy O’” was written by George Ezra along with Cam Blackwood and Joel Pott. In addition to writing the song, Blackwood was also responsible for its production.
  • Ezra released this song for the first time in 2014. It appears on the album Wanted on Voyage (which is Ezra’s maiden album).  It is the 3rd track on the album.
  • In 2015, Ezra re-released “Cassy O’” again.
  • This tune peaked at number 3 in Belgium, number 14 in Iceland. It also reached number 37 and 70 in Scotland and the UK respectively. It was eventually certified silver in the United Kingdom.

Was “Cassy O'” a single?

Yes. It was one of the six singles of Wanted on Voyage. Tracks like “Budapest” and “Did You Hear the Rain?” were also major singles from the album.

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