Meaning of “Don’t Matter Now” by George Ezra

“Don’t Matter Now” is the title of a 2017 single by English singer George Ezra. According to Ezra, the lyrics of this song were written to remind himself of the importance of taking a break from situations every now and then. A very significant portion of the lyrics focus on his anxiety challenges.

"Don't Matter Now" lyrics

Music Video for “Don’t Matter Now”

The official music video for this single was released on the same day the track was also released. The video was directed by music video director Marc Oller. The entire video was filmed in Barcelona, Spain. According to Ezra, the dog he starred with in the clip got more care and attention than him.

Facts about “Don’t Matter Now”

  • George Ezra co-wrote this song with his frequent collaborator Joel Pott. According to the former, he penned this song as far back as in 2015.
  • British music producer Cam Blackwood was the only producer Ezra worked with on this song.
  • “Don’t Matter Now” was released via Sony Music for digital download on June 16, 2017. It was released as the first single from the second studio album of Ezra’s career titled Staying at Tamara’s. This album also produced the hit single “Shotgun“.
  • British singers Florrie and Billie Marten provided the background vocals on this track.
  • With a total length of 2:56, “Don’t Matter Now” is the shortest of the four singles of Staying at Tamara’s.
  • The dog in the music video of this song almost bit Ezra during the shooting of the clip.
  • Ezra performed this song for the first time on June 7, 2017. That performance took place at The Forum, Bath in Somerset, England.

How did “Don’t Matter Now” perform on the global charts?

On the UK Singles Chart, it peaked at number 66. It also charted in the following countries: Belgium, Iceland, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

Was this producer Cam Blackwood’s first collaboration with Ezra?

No. Prior to this track Blackwood and Ezra had worked together on multiple tracks. For example, Blackwood produced Ezra’s hit single “Budapest“. That song was released in 2013.

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