“Come Back As A Country Boy” by Blake Shelton

The long and short of Blake Shelton’s “Come Back As A Country Boy” is that he is totally proud of his country roots. He cherishes his roots to the point where all he dreams about is reincarnating “as a country boy”. And this is because in his eyes, there’s nothing in life that is better than being a country dude.

To stress on how important his tradition is to him, he even goes as far as praying to God to keep him dead if in his next life his neck doesn’t come out red.

“If my neck don’t come out red, then Lord, just keep me dead”

The “neck” and “red” in the line above refer to the term “redneck”. This term is heavily associated with country folks. Redneck (which is sometimes considered offensive) is used to describe a white rural person from the Southland (Southern United States). Such a person is often poor and has very little education or none. The sunburn these white countryside folks often receive on their neck as a result of doing manual labor under the sun is what gave birth to the term “redneck”.

“Come Back as A Country Boy” Continues

In appreciating his country background and upbringing, Blake seizes the opportunity to enlighten his listeners on the life of a typical country boy. His goal for doing this is apparently to let the world know of the hardworking nature of country folks.

So accordingly, he is heard singing about how he always wakes up very early in the morning and breaks his back doing menial labor such as “hauling hay or hunting” in order to survive.

He then goes on to talk about the financial challenges that rural folks like him face on a daily basis. But he quickly lets the listener know that despite these tough challenges that characterize the life of a country boy, he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He loves this life just the way it is and would never give it up for anything, including all the riches in the world. This is why towards the end of the song, he categorically makes it clear that he never wants to be born into wealth.


All in all, Blake Shelton uses “Come Back as A Country Boy” to perfectly describe the life of the average guy raised in the American south. From the song, the listener is able to know that there are more to country boys than what the media portrays. Country living isn’t just limited to driving trucks and wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans and baseball hats. Through this song, we also get to know and appreciate some very important qualities of these rural folks. These include their inherent hardworking nature and desire to live life devoid of excessive greed for material assets.  

Lyrics to "Come Back As A Country Boy"

Is Blake Shelton a true country boy?

Technically he is. He was born and bred in the city of Ada, which is located in the Southern U.S. state of Oklahoma. His entire music career has centered around country music. Today, he is considered one of the biggest promoters of the country music genre in the United States and abroad.

For example, over the years, he has released several hit songs that pay tribute to the country lifestyle. One such hit was his 2019 track titled “God’s Country“.

Simply put, Blake is a classic example of one of America’s realest country singers who eats, drinks and breathes the country tradition.

That being said, it is worth noting that Blake actually didn’t compose this song.

Writing Credits

Three acclaimed songwriters teamed up to compose this country song. Below are the writing credits to this song:

  • Michael Hardy
  • Jordan Schmidt
  • Josh Thompson
Come Back As A Country Boy

When was “Come Back as a Country Boy” released?

Blake via Warner Records released it on the 1st of October, 2021. It serves as the third single from Blake’s “Body Language” album. There are actually two versions of this album – the original version and the deluxe one. The song appears as a single on the latter version.

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