“Go Hard” by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD has dropped many tracks that can be classified as a love song, definitely more so than your standard rapper. But he has also endeavored to keep it real throughout, not coming out with any Valentine’s Day fare but rather the type of romantic tunes that speak to the ‘hood experience, on top of his personal stardom.

For instance, as with “Doom”, the featured narrative in “Go Hard” is premised on the vocalist having had his fair share of experiences sowing his oats. Or as they say in the world of hip-hop, he has been with many hoes. 

But Juice is once again celebrating finding that special someone, a romantic interest who he actually feels is worthy to give his undivided heart to. And that’s what the title alludes to, his willingness to “go hard” for this lady, i.e. give her all of his love, with the only stated prerequisite being that she don’t turn around and break his heart. And the titular hardness by the way also includes gunning down romantic rivals who try to steal his lady.

When Juice died in late 2019, he had been dating a social media star by the name of Ally Lotti for over a year. So we don’t know if songs like “Go Hard” and “Doom” are actually based on his relationship with her. But what has become apparent is that he was not the type of person who idealized the playa lifestyle. 

Yes, Juice may taunt haters and opps from time to time by noting that he has various women at his disposal. But it is clear from his works that WRLD was more akin to a true romantic, someone who would rather “go hard” for that special someone as opposed to spreading himself out to various women.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD's "Go Hard"

When was “Go Hard” released?

Interscope Records alongside Grade A Productions released “Go Hard” on December the 10th, 2021 as part of Juice’s “Fighting Demons” album. This album, which contains approximately 18 songs, is officially the second posthumous album from Juice’s discography. It was promoted by these singles:

Who produced this song?

KBeaZy produced this track. He is an American YouTuber and record producer, who has worked with several top notch artists, including Kehlani and Roddy Ricch.

Besides being listed as the song’s official producer, KBeaZy also shares the track’s writing credits with the late Juice WRLD.

Go Hard

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