“Juice WRLD Speaks” by Juice WRLD

As stated in our analysis of “Doom“, another track from “Fighting Demons”, Juice WRLD not only sung about his own personal issues but concurrently used as a voice for others who are combating anxiety, depression or what have you. 

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And on “Juice WRLD Speaks”, that is exactly the aspect of his artistry that he is expounding on.

In Juice’s eyes, dealing with the aforementioned maladies is bad enough in and of themselves.  But then when you couple that with the fact that mental diseases such as anxiety, depression or ADHD tend to not be respected as true illnesses in the Black community, then it’s like African-American men such as himself have a doubly arduous task at hand in terms of overcoming those types of sicknesses. 

And in Juice’s mind, that was the main goal of his artistry, to make the world more aware that indeed, too many of its citizens possess those mental issues – so many in fact that it’s now reached a point where most people don’t even seem to truly care. 

But Jarad, having been a sufferer himself, was sensitive enough to know that being chronically depressed, etc. is in fact a very big deal. So his hope was to alleviate the pain in some likeminded listeners by letting them know that someone, indeed even a successful musician they look up to, is going through the same. 

And even though he did not live to see this battle to the end, WRLD’s hope was that other artists would take up such a cause also.

"Juice WRLD Speaks" Lyrics

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    That’s quite awesome concerning about what someone pass through. It is good stuff ni-ga!

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