“Which Light Switch Is Which?” by Scooter

What Scooter’s “Which Light Switch Is Which?” is actually centered on is the vocalist’s desire to “stay forever young”. And the way that concept is translated into more literal terms is that he idealizes conscientiously ‘trying to make each moment fun’ – like a child, so to speak. 

Or viewed alternatively, he does not want to be bogged down or depressed by the cares of the world. And he is also wishing this same fate onto the addressee.

But the underlying implication is that achieving such a lifestyle requires effort on top of desire. And that effort must be of the consistent, serious, hard variety, akin to Scooter’s dedication to the music they put out. 

But there is no direct connection made between music and this idyllic modus operandi in the lyrics. Rather, since we already know how Scooter is getting down in the God Save the Rave day, we also know that, at least for them, ‘staying forever young’ requires persistently going strong at the bassdrum, as they would call it.

“Which Light Switch Is Which?”

Meanwhile, as far as the meaning of this track’s title, it isn’t really expounded upon therein. But we can say, as put forth earlier, that Scooter is presenting the aforementioned lifestyle as a choice. 

So it’s like we as individuals have to choose the type of path we’re going to take, metaphorically represented as which light switch we decide to flick on in our lives. Are we going to give into the humdrum of the rat race? 

Or are we truly going to try to live our lives in an edifying fashion reminiscent of youth? But such is just a theory that we are putting forth concerning the meaning of the title. For it may also point to an idea such as someone not being able definitively ascertain which road to take, as in they all, at least initially, appear the same. Or something like, maybe, based on the cover art for instance.

"Which Light Switch Is Which?"

But ultimately, we can say that contemporary Scooter really isn’t into presenting deep songs like that. And at the end of the day, all factors considered this is obviously intended to be a track that amps you up in terms of taking some definitive, uplifting action in life.

Lyrics to "Which Light Switch Is Which?"

Writing Credits

The song was composed by Hans Peter Geerdes (stage name, H.P. Baxxter).


It was released on 13th December, 2019 as a single from the Scooter’s self- produced album “God Save the Rave”.

The song contains samples of 1995’s “Strings of Infinity” by T-Marc.

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