“Paul Is Dead” by Scooter (ft. Timmy Trumpet)

The chorus of Scooter’s “Paul Is Dead” has the singer speaking to an addressee. And in a roundabout way, what it appears he is saying is that they have pent up frustration which they have been reluctant to release. But this night, they “gotta live it up” and let it all out. 

And as far as Scooter is concerned, of course doing so will involve some amped-up dance music. So on one hand, the band are encouraging participants to dance. And also, the featured narrative is imbued with the idea of music being a form of stress relief, for lack of a better term. 

Or more specifically, let’s say that it is music of the hard variety they are speaking to here.

What is the meaning of “Paul Is Dead”?

Also concerning the title of the song, “Paul is dead” is actually the name given to a conspiracy theory which argues that Paul McCartney, of Beatles’ fame, died way back in 1966. And as such the Macca we know today (as well as for the past 55 years) is actually a body double. And whereas the phrase is uttered in one of the song’s choruses, it is not clear how it is supposed to relate to the featured narrative.

Lyrics to "Paul Is Dead"

Information about “Paul Is Dead”

  • Writing Credits: Scooter’s H.P. Baxxter is officially the writer of this track.
  • Release Date: The public had access to the song on 27th November, 2020. It was a Scooter single release.
  • Album Details: This is one of the tracks on “God Save the Rave”. The album contains songs listed in the genres Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, EDM and Techno.
  • Secondary Artist(s): The song features Australian musician, DJ, songwriter and producer Timothy Jude Smith (Timmy Trumpet).
"Paul Is Dead"

Scooter’s “God Save the Rave”

Four years after releasing Scooter Forever, the German group issued their twentieth album titled God Save the Rave. This makes it the first of all their albums to not be released within the usual one or two-year gap.

Kontor Records and its sublabel, Sheffield Tunes released the album while Scooter served as its producers. The recording which began at the Hamburg-based Sheffield Underground studio in 2019, was climaxed with a 15-track album released in April 2021.

The album happens to be the first to feature Sebastian Schilde. The group in 2019 announced that Sebastian, their newest member would replace Phil Speiser who had been a member since the year 2014.

Lead Vocalist Hans Peter Geerdes, better known as H.P. Baxxter is credited with writing the lyrics of all the album’s tracks. While most of the tracks were solely recorded by Scooter, a few of them featured some guest artists.

The title track, God Save the Rave features Harris & Ford. “Paul is Dead” featured the Australian musician, Timmy Trumpet. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are also featured on the fourth track titled We Love Hardcore.

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