“Good Enough” by Gabrielle Aplin

The key theme of this song revolves around Gabrielle Aplin asserting her earnest desire to be “good enough for” the addressee. Usually when a person says something like that, they do so to point to the idea of wanting to be with the other person, but said individual being less than enthused in that regard.

However, in this case, the opposite is sorta true. Instead, what we are met with is an addressee who has such a positive and uplifting effect on the Gabrielle’s life, that she wants to emulate this person as much as possible. 

Characteristics this individual possesses include the likes of not getting bent out of shape when challenges come his or her way. And not only is the addressee effective in ‘navigating’ around his or her own problems, but this person’s disposition is infectious in a way, as in also being able to illustrate to the vocalist how she too can defeat stress and discouragement.

Moreover the addressee encourages Aplin to live a more-carefree lifestyle in general. For example, they encourage her to dance in front of others, whereas otherwise she would be too shy to do so. Or put more simply, it’s as if the vocalist perceives the addressee, this person who she also happens to be personal friends with, as a legitimate motivational leader.

The Takeaway

So perhaps, in the name of understandability, this song could have been more amply named ‘I want to be like you’, because it isn’t like the addressee is rejecting the vocalist or anything like that. But by the time all is said and done, it can be gleaned that this is basically Aplin’s way of biggin’ up this person, letting him or her know that they are “more than just” a standard friend.

Lyrics to Gabrielle Aplin's “Good Enough”

When was “Good Enough” released?

“Good Enough” was issued as a single. It has a release date of December 23, 2022 and appears on a project titled “Phosphorescent”. The project in question happens to be the 4th studio album of Aplin’s music career.

Credits for “Good Enough”

The song was composed through collaboration between Aplin herself and fellow Brit singer, Nick Wilson. Nick is known for hit songs such as

  • “All The Same” of 2018
  • “Enough to Know You” of 2020

“Good Enough” was produced by sound engineer cum record producer, Mike Spencer.

The “Phosphorescent” Album

“Phosphorescent” officially hit the shelves on January 6 of 2023. Never Fade Records, which happens to be a record label owned by Aplin, was responsible for its release.

The album’s production credits are owned by the following British record producers:

  • Mike Spencer
  • Liz Horsman
Good Enough

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