“Take It Easy” by Gabrielle Aplin

The way the title of this song is utilized in the chorus, via the phrase “take it easy on me”, is basically a colloquial way of asking somebody for mercy. And in this case, whom the vocalist is making that request of is the addressee, who reads as if it may be her ex. 

Or in any event, similar to the song “Anyway” which is also found on “Phosphorescent”, this is someone whom Gabrielle obviously didn’t realize played such an important role in her life until after the fact. And again, it isn’t such that she comes off as still being  smitten per se. Instead, in hindsight, the vocalist has come to realize that the addressee was able to relate to her in a way that few, if any, can.

That said, in this particular narrative it isn’t as if Aplin has messed up the relationship herself. Instead, it sorta reads as if the addressee is rather the transient type, someone who’s around one minute and gone the next, which is why she’s entreating him (or her) that ‘if he’s going to go away again’, in the process he should “go easy on” her.

So what’s being implied here, first of all, is that he has left before. And obviously, as much of an emotional dependency Gabrielle may have on this individual, she ultimately understands that she is powerless to stop him if he does so again. 

So the most important thing from her perspective, as inferred, is that if the addressee does so, he does it gently. But of course all lyrics considered, that’s basically another way of the vocalist requesting he doesn’t leave to begin with.

“If you’re gonna go away again
Go easy on me
If you’re really gonna take it all away
Take it easy on me”

When was “Take It Easy” released?

“Take It Easy” was released on January 6 of 2023 as part of Gabrielle Aplin’s “Phosphorescent” album. It as the 6th track on the said album.       

“Phosphorescent” was released as Aplin’s 4th studio album by her own independent record label, Never Fade Records. The album comprises 11 tracks with Liz Horsman and Mike Spencer as its producers.

Did Gabrielle Aplin write this song?

Yes. This was composed by Aplin herself with some assistance from musician and songwriter, Luke Potashnick. It was produced by recording engineer and record producer, Mike Spencer from England.

Take It Easy

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