“Skylight” by Gabrielle Aplin

The simplest way of interpreting the lyrics of Gabrielle Aplin’s “Skylight” are as being centered on the notion of the vocalist really enjoying quality time alongside the addressee. It may well be that this person is Gabrielle’s lover. But the nature of their relationship is not specified. And based on Aplin’s explanation of this piece, the relationship’s nature isn’t necessarily the point.

Instead what “Skylight” is intended to speak to, in Aplin’s own words, is the concept of “finding serenity in stillness”.


So concerning the title, as presented in the pre-chorus what it symbolizes basically is the vocalist and addressee making a mutual power-move to find peace, if you will. That is to say that they go about “watch(ing) the sunset” and remain together all night, “into the sunrise”. Whereas that may be a literal act, at the same time it can also be deemed symbolic.

So along those lines, the chorus goes on to further reveal that what the singer is espousing in general is basically chillin’. She is taking the time to “breathe” instead of always hustling in one way or another.

Lyrics to Gabrielle Aplin's “Skylight”

Release Date of “Skylight”

“Skylight” is a single by English singer Gabrielle Aplin. It was officially released on 24th December, 2021. The song was one of the singles from the album, “Phosphorescent”.


“Skylight” was written by Gabrielle. But the singer didn’t write it alone. She worked with other songwriters:

  • Liz Horsman
  • Josie Man
  • Anna Straker

Regarding the song’s production, this duty was handled by multiple award winning English record producer, Mike Spencer.


“Phosphorescent” was released on the 6th of January 2023. It is Gabrielle’s 4th studio album. The album has a total of 11 tracks. The aforementioned Spencer and Horsman produced it.

The independent record label, Never Fade Records was responsible for its official release.


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