“Never Be The Same” by Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin has revealed that her song “Never Be The Same” was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way she explained it, that experience altered people’s lives so effectively that a lot of us were forced to ‘rediscover’ ourselves which, as the songstress alludes, basically entails being compelled to remember what respectively makes life important to us to begin with.

However, the actual lyrics don’t necessarily get that point across. As is standard in the music industry, when an artist goes about tackling such a deep topic, the way the narrative ends up being presented is within the context of a romantic relationship. 

Actually, it is never specified that the primary addressee is the vocalist’s significant other. But based on the wording and the sentiments expressed, such would be the logical conclusion.

So as depicted, the vocalist is going through an existential crisis alright. But it is also firmly displayed that the reason she’s suffering so is because the addressee has “changed” on her – and obviously not for the better. 

It reads as if whatever change this person is going through is such that he does not want to associate with Gabrielle anymore. And the further, equally-important implication is that he’s someone she has a very-high emotional dependency on, akin to a spouse, if you will.

In Conclusion

So regardless of how Aplin may have described this piece in her own words – as being inspired by the pandemic or what have you – at the end of the day it more or less reads like your quintessential breakup song. 

Furthermore, it comes off as one of those types whereas, if the addressee were to proceed to leave the vocalist, the latter really has no idea what to do next, though Gabrielle does understand that she ‘has to move on’ somehow.

“Never Be The Same” Lyrics

Release Date of “Never Be The Same”

Aplin released “Never Be The Same” on the 7th of January 2023. The song appears on her “Phosphorescent” album.


This was written by the singer herself in conjunction with three other songwriters –

  • Andrea Rocha
  • Anna Straker
  • Liz Horsman

“Never Be The Same” was produced by English record producer, Mike Spencer with assistance from Liz Horsman. The latter is a renowned British record producer who is known to have worked extensively with Aplin.


On January 6 of 2023, Gabrielle’s 4th album, “Phosphorescent” was officially released. It came out via her own record label, Never Fade Records. The 11-tracked album was produced by Horsman and Spencer.

Never Be The Same

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