“Wish I Didn’t Press Send” by Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin’s “Wish I Didn’t Press Send” revolves around a narrative that we come across pretty commonly these days via female pop singers. The vocalist is able to admit that she and her ex had a toxic association, one which was worthy of them parting ways. 

As such, thinking about him and how he “hurt (her) back then” does come with its fair share of bad memories. But that said, she still misses him sometimes obviously. 

When you combine that emotion with Gabrielle getting boozed during a particularly-lonely night, what you get is the vocalist proceeding to ‘break her rule’ of not contacting the addressee. In other words, she ends up sending him a message and, by the looks of things, instantly regretting that she did so.

“I wish I didn’t press send
I’m never going back again”

Maybe her aforementioned rule was such that she would not communicate with the addressee at all. As far as exes that we parted ways with under less-than-ideal circumstances, many people may perceive doing so as a sign of weakness. On top of that, Gabrielle evidently feels that it was the addressee who painfully brought about the dissolution of their relationship.

Even though the contents of said message are not specified, presumably there was something along the lines of lovey-dovey featured inside. Or in any event, as firmly indicated by the title, the vocalist does in fact regret sending it. 

So what the chorus revolves around is her clarifying to him that sending the aforenoted message was indeed a mistake. In other words, she is letting him know that she was in a weak, inebriated and “overthinking” state when she did so. 

He has potentially interpreted it as a sign of Gabrielle wanting to get back together, but she is letting him know explicitly that such is not the case. Instead, when in her right mind she told him that she “was happy that (their relationship) came to end”, that was her true self speaking, if you will.

When was “Wish I Didn’t Press Send” released?

This is a song listed as the 5th track on Aplin’s 4th studio album, “Phosphorescent”. It was released together with the said album on the 6th of January, 2023. 


Aplin joined hands with renowned Australian singer and songwriter, Nick Atkinson in penning down this piece. Production was handled by none other than Mike Spencer. Mike is a renowned British record producer and a major contributor to the “Phosphorescent” album.

The Album

Never Fade Records, a record label owned by Aplin herself, was responsible for the official release of “Phosphorescent”. The album offers its listeners 10 other tracks aside from “Wish I Didn’t Press Send”.

Mike Spencer and British record producer Liz Horsman have been credited as co-producers of the album.

Wish I Didn't Press Send

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